Mica M

Mica is a musician who grew into becoming a music producer and mix engineer. Her career began playing in many bands as a cession player in guitar, piano, drums and bass guitar. With this last instrument she played a couple of years in a band named Telexx with whom she signed with AirDrop y Universal Music.

 Then, she began writing music for TV, video games, advertising and theatre plays. She opened her home-studio called  opening called M.O.S.T.R.O where she did most of her work working with brands such as ESPN, Cartoon Network, and Billiken among others. She also musically produced other artists, not only working in her studio, but also in some other commercial studios, such as the emblematic Abbey Road in London, England, as well as CIAM in Tecnópolis in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mica has been working as a music producer, mix and recording engineer, for other solo artists and bands having worked in more than 20 projects in between full albums and singles.

She graduated from Berklee Online, in April 2022, having accomplished the Degree in Music Production and Songwriting, currently she is studying a Master’s Degree at Berklee NYC in Music Production and Songwriting.

Mica released a single “KI”, a concept song tied to the image of the music video, and was presented to many film festivals all around the world being selected in countries like USA, England, Italy and Argentina. In Buenos Aires, particularly, was chosen to be part of the prestigious VideoDanzaBA Festival. 

Finally, Mica released her first solo album called “Princesa” in December 2021.

She co-founded RMS (Red MulstiSonora), Argentinian civil association that represents women, trans, lesbians, GNC people related to different areas in the music industry

She is also a member of AES (Audio Engineering Society), SoundGirls, WAM (WomenAudioMission), and part of the Canadian program for women producers, by the National Arts Centre