Mica Hourbeigt

As a musician, instrumentalist, producer and beatmaker, I spend my days working in my Studio, M.O.S.T.R.O. Here I am free to help tell stories via composition, music production, and mixing music for films, records and of course some of my own music. I have also worked in other studies, and was lucky enough to work at the emblematic Abbey Road in London, England, as well as CIAM in Tecnópolis in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’m very fortunate to have completed my musical studies in diverse geographic areas. With periods of education from Buenos Aires, Argentina  (EMC Berklee International Network), New York, USA (Dubspot) and London, England (SSR), I have been provided with exposure to different styles and personalities that have made a significant influence to my craft. I have also graduated from Berklee Online, in April 2022, having accomplished the Degree in Music Production and Songwriting.

I have worked on a number of projects for AirDrop and Universal Music, and have years of experience playing guitar, bass, drums and piano in different bands in different genres for live audiences from Argentina and Uruguay to Spain.

After a while out of the scene I came back with a single named “KI” whereas it’s musical video was presented to different dance a film festivals all around the world being selected in countries like USA, England, Italy and Argentina. In Buenos Aires, particularly, was chosen to be part of the prestigious VideoDanzaBA Festival. 

After releasing two other singles, “Broken Glass” and “Broken Glass Remix Feat. Weren”, I finally dropped my first solo album called “Princesa”

I co-founded RMS (Red MulstiSonora), Argentinian civil association that represents women, trans, lesbians, GNC people related to different areas in the music industry

I am a member of AES (Audio Engineering Society), SoundGirls,  and WAM (WomenAudioMission)

I’ve participated of AES convention in NYC USA in 2017 and 2018 as well as the first WAMCon (WomenAudioMission) in NYC, USA in 2018. In 2020 I was invited to NAMM in Anaheim California.

E-mail: micaelah@gmail.com

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