Workshop “Songwriting as a creative process in different stages”

Aimed at musicians, producers, engineers, managers, students


Workshop Concept

Nowadays, virtually everyone is able to record something and upload it to a streaming platform such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal… But how can we achieve a production which really expresses our vision to the rest of the World? How can we make our recording sound as good as possible? What should we expect from the mixing and mastering? What happens afterwards when we have our song ready to be uploaded?


Breaking Down the Workshop Concept

Composing a song and showcasing it to the World is a longer process than we account for.

Of course, you can always write a song and play it live, thus people will be able to listen to it and if you’re lucky and it goes viral on the Internet, you could reach more people.
But what happens when we write a song and intend to upload it on a digital platform, such as Spotify or else?
We are competing with around 150,000 other songs being uploaded on a DAILY basis, according to Spotify’s calculations. Needless to say, we are also competing against mainstream artists and everyone else, basically.
From my point of view, we need to redefine the concept of “putting out a new song” as a much longer process than expected.

Song Development Schedule

Production, arrangements, live shows, etc.
Song release post-production. A new step often disregarded by the musician but one that needs to be taken into account the moment you begin to record.



+ 4 lessons of approx. 2 hours each to develop every step of the process involved in making a song



+ Providing basic knowledge of the process from songwriting to digital distribution and niche recognition

+ Encouraging mental (and spiritual) order during the songwriting process to fully understand the steps to be followed when deciding to showcase your work.

+ Developing a new language considering this is a unique process divided into different stages.


Schedule, topics and subtopics


Day 1: Learn To Record Yourself Using What You Have

Basic explanation of how to record, use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and different examples with a basic soundboard concept. How to record yourself at home with a soundboard plus one microphone. Using electronic drumkits and synthesizers versus using guitars. What sound to expect. With no budget for a better recording, what is my best choice?


Day 2: What Are We Producing When Produce a Song

The concept of production as the song’s makeup; understanding what we have and how we can get the best out of it. LoFi vs. HiFi production; the difference in production when we can access a high quality recording or if all we have is a S57 mic and a drum machine. Making the best out of what we have. Thinking of production from the perspective of frequency ranges. Which instrumentation? What is it for? What is the song’s “feel”? What do we want to convey with it?


Day 3: Mixing & Mastering

Mixing concept; considering the song, what we need to mix. Thinking about the mix as we produce when working on our own recording. Basic concept of frequency ranges, where do we place certain instruments. Using leveling, panning, distorsion, EQ, compressor, delay and reverb. Enhancing the ‘feel’ of the song. We do not mix so that everything can be heard, but felt.
Basic concept and use of mastering.


Day 4: Our song is ready, what’s next?

What is our intention with our song?

Working with a digital distribution company.
Media campaign, album release concept. Using social media. Release Party. Learning to consider this step as part of the whole process from scratch. Analyzing our options to launch a song and getting through to our audience.