Ableton Live Express

“Learn To Create a Beat Using Ableton”

Audience: Musicians, engineers, DJs, music producers, students


Aimed at people who have a basic notion of music and look to integrate a tool to make beats and rhythm sections. Nowadays, we have countless options to express ourselves using very accessible tools. The problem seems to be the amount of information out there and how it is shared. This workshop intends to get to what we need as swiftly as possible.



+ Making a beat or rhythm section to play along to

+ Record yourself on Ableton using what you have

+ Basic operation of Ableton Live



+ 4 lessons with set learning goals. Duration: 1 hour per lesson

+ Tasks to be completed by the student to reach each lesson’s goals



+ Each student will receive a folder with loops and samples to perform the task

+ Students should have Ableton Live. If this is not the case, the student will receive assistance prior to the beginning of the course.


Topics & Subtopics

Lesson 1

  • Navigating Ableton Live: a) Session View b) Browser + Categories c) Preferences (setting Preferences)
  • How to set a loop and put together a rhythm section with the loops we have (provided material)
  • Save, Collect All and Save

Task: Create a rhythm section in Session View, add and remove elements


Lesson 2

  • Task revision, clearing doubts
  • Warp, Tap Tempo
  • Arrangement View; setting our loop to Arrangement View
  • How to Record Yourself

Task: Using the rhythm section we created, we record ourselves singing, rapping, whistling or else


Lesson 3

  • Task revision, clearing doubts
  • Drum Rack, Search Preset, playing a rhythm section we like with MIDI
  • Analog bass, Search Preset, playing a bass line we like

Task: Creating a rhythm section with these instruments and recording yourself singing, rapping, etc.


Lesson 4

  • Task revision, clearing doubts
  • Analg Synth, Search Preset, playing a synthesizer we like
  • Mixing samples with the rhythm section we created
  • Clearing doubts about the whole process

Task: Creating a beat with everything we have learnt