Beat Making with Ableton Live

Audience: Musicians, engineers, students, music producers with a minimum level of music theory regarding tempo, harmony and melody


Aimed at people who have a basic musical notion and intend to make their own music with a DAW serving as a composition and recording tool, in order to showcase their music


  • We will embark on a music history journey to understand the basic functions and learn how to create a beat and which instruments to use
  • We will intend to understand the basic concepts of synthesis and drum rack, which are the basic elements to create a beat



+ Providing tools so that students can create a beat

+ Encouraging imagination to understand music history and then how technology simplified it to our daily use in order to create freely

+ Understanding Ableton Live’s basic functions

+ Making the DAW act as a technological musical creation tool



+ 1-Day Workshop (approximately 4 hours long)

+ Q&A at the end of the Workshop to clear out every possible doubt


Topics & Subtopics


Introduction to Ableton

Understanding what a DAW is and its features


How To Create A Beat


Drum Rack

– Drum Rack History

– How to create one on Ableton Live

– How to create a rhythmic beat: Creation vs. Sample




– Synthesis History

– Explanation of parameters used to make a synthesizer sound

– Creating a bass line with a monophonic synthesizer

– Creating a polyphonic synthesizer



– Funky Drummer History (Sampling)

– How to use the sampler



– What are the effects?

– Available effects on Ableton Live. Two examples, ping pong, delay and redux


Exporting my Beat

– Formats and Quality Types