Mica Hourbeigt/Sibarisia



About Album

A delicate miscegenation of visual sensations with the finest howls bathed in chocolate accompanied by bites of brownish perfume. A film whose body will delight the palate of the best gourmet.

Directed by Joaquín Ferronato
Director of photography: Ezequiel Kaplan
Written by Celeste Arias
Animation: Celeste Arias, Ezequiel Kaplan, Joaquín Ferronato, Mario Ferrer
Art & Design: Celeste Arias, Joaquín Ferronato, Ezequiel Kaplan
Staring: Mario Ferrer, Lucia Fernández Méndez
Editing / Composing & Digital Art: Joaquín Ferronato
Original Music Composed by: Rodrigo Caro Langwagen
Sound & Folley: Micaela Hourbeigt
Sound Mix: Micaela Hourbeigt

Release Date: July 11, 2017
Genre: Films