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Mushotoku is a compilation where I divided the works, songs, and experiments depending on what moment of my life and my search was when this new world was born. Vol. I “Spirit” are the first two tracks, Vol. II “Body” tracks 3 and 4 and Vol. III “Mind” tracks 5 to 6

This album is special because in each volume I tried to connect with a special part of myself. In “Spirit”, I look to seek for music landscapes by searching in orchestral, world music composition and mantras; “Body” is my connection with my guitar and my songwriting being; and finally “Mind”, where I put my scientific robe, and search for music in an electronic style where I also do sound design, sample sounds and transform things to sound like others.

Mushotoku 無 所得 is a Japanese word that could be translated as absence of intention or hidden benefit, it means doing something without expecting any personal benefit.

This are 2 of the singles I realeased


Genre: Discography