1. Mi Fuego by Marigrá Gerannio: Musical production and recording
2. Nenúfares by Bárbara Giles: Mix and Master
3. Hanya for ESPN TV: Composition, musical production, mix and master
4. Hip Hop Playero for ESPN TV: Composition, musical production, mix and master
5. Praia Branca by Ro Rapoport: Musical production and recording
6. La Trola de Villa Urquiza by Ajustemulabanda: Musical production, recording and mixing
7. Vacaciones by Ajustemulabanda: Musical production, recording and mixing

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About Album

About M.O.S.T.R.O Studio

M.O.S.T.R.O is my home studio currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, equipped with great gear to  arrange, produce and compose, as well as record, mix and master with a professional quality. This is the place where the magic occurs. 

It is an alternative to the industry, an opportunity for the film industry as well as bands and artists that seek doing music and achieving a professional result with an economical budget

Universal Audio is the gear chosen as an audio interface, to record and to use as console.

DAWS that M.O.S.T.R.O works on: Protools, Ableton y Digital Performer

I also have analogue gear to use when recording, producing, mixing, etc.

It can also move around because it was thought as well as a mobile recording studio

Listen to the tracklist M.O.S.T.R.O where you can find my latest wotks in the studio. Also, there is a video with a short movie for film, where all the sound design, as well as mixing and mastering was donde at M.O.S.T.R.O 

Culture at M.O.S.T.R.O Studio

The music industry is changing and this is an opportunity. Because of this new form of industry, there is no need to be part of an absolute system with its rules, which orders the way in doing art. There is no such thing as being generic, and the new niche world makes that everyone can find a place that belongs to him or her. This affects us as human beings and who we are, because we can stop being what the industry or anyone tells us to be, just to be real, seeking to do whatever we want to do as individuals. So the idea of this Studio is about making a place where artists can come to do and take their music to the level they believe that their music deserves. It’s not about location, or equipment per se, even though the gear is professional. Each project has a soul and part of the M.O.S.T.R.O culture is to understand what is that that soul wants to communicate and reveal it to the world. Weather is composing, producing, mixing or mastering, the idea is to have the best of the best so that the message is perfectly given, but the search is yet more profound. I always ask myself “why do I do music?” and the answer always comes right away and still is the same: “because I couldn’t be doing anything else”.  I believe I’m not the only one with this strong feeling and because of the time we are living in I decided to create a place of possibilities. A non-physical place (even though today is Argentina), where you can only find freedom to create in many different ways. This culture is a way of living that today is represented in this home studio.

To desire what looks like out of reach, to dive into possibilities, and throw yourself to the unknown

Sibarisia: Foley, Mezcla y Masterización


Album Reviews

Juan Pablo Mazzini. Filme Director

Mica Hourbeigt has the ability to understand and empathise quickly with the story telling from the sound design point of view. Her compositions not only create rich and varied moments but also tell great stories. A pleasure and honor to have someone as her in your team

Marigrá Geranio, Musician

Professionalism, respect, warmth, creativity, infinite possibilities, and great moments: Thanks M.O.S.T.R.O Studio!

Caro Vazquez, AJUSTEmulabanda

To work with Mica brings out the best in me: to be genuine and to look for what's inside, the visceral feelings... it is to search sound with a gender perspective and that's the future!